Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 1, Diet Plan

Well, here we are, March 22nd, 6:30 a.m. I was in Kyoto until last night so the start of the project was slightly delayed from the first day of spring (March 20th).

Last week I met with my diet and exercise adviser for the project, Chen Zhongtao, who figured out the menu for the first week. Here he is looking like a tough guy.

The Peak Condition Project is all about math. Weight loss occurs when you expend more energy in the day than you consumed. The body, when it’s dietary needs aren’t met externally, will turn to its stored fat reserves. So it’s a numbers game.

Chen took my weight (65 kilos) and my usual daily activity levels into account, and came up with this diet schedule for my first week.

Breakfast and Lunch (total)
250 grams of carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potato). 250 grams is about a bowl of rice.
400 grams of vegetables. That’s about 3 whole vegetables.
250 grams of fruit. A large size apple is 250 grams.
150 grams fish or shrimp.

For dinner, the following ingredients are mixed in a blender to make a protein smoothie.
3 boiled eggs, whites only.
1 apple
1 banana
150 ml of low fat milk

…and that’s it. Every night, for 3 months, a boiled egg smoothie. Dinner is definitely going to be the toughest, especially with everyone else enjoying a normal dinner.

But what I’ll try to remember is that motivation is also a numbers game. If you just focus on “I can’t have pizza, I can’t drink a beer, I can’t have dessert,” you’re definitely going to lose motivation. You need to look at the whole equation. “Yes, I can’t have dessert, but I also gain a better physique and get closer to Bruce!


Anonymous said...

good luck with your project! i'm looking for inspiration in a self project and will look to you for encouragement.

Kory said...

hey Patrick. i'm inspired to do this for myself. i do run about 30 miles per week though. how could i come up with a meal plan that accounts for that?

maybe i'll just start with the same plan you have here.

yoga garden said...

Hey Kory.

The plan is based on your weight, If you tell me how much you weigh I can give you specific grams for you!

Kory said...

exactly 178 lbs.

on average i run 6 miles m-f. so i need to be careful that i get enough fuel for my runs.

Amy said...

Just stopping by to say "hi" - I heard you mention this blog in your podcast. I'm hoping to do something similar once I'm finished with graduate school in a month. I've had to neglect my fitness and nutrition for my studies, but no more! The menu sounds interesting, and tasty - and I've never heard "vegetarian" and "bodybuilder" in the same sentence before.