Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 9, Figs

When's the last time you ate a fig? A date? An apricot? A prune? These foods are so delicious and healthy, but nobody eats them anymore. How could the homely dried fig, seen below......ever compete with the slick graphics and technicolor taste of our modern snacks?

Let's face it, the figs look like poo. And I'm not preaching at ya'll, I never ate dried figs before either. As of nine days ago one of my guilty pleasures was devouring an entire can of Gourmet Pringles, eating the chips three or four at a time, whilst watching Kung Fu movies.

But with this program, the technicolor has been removed. I haven't eaten anything that comes out of a package in a week. And, in just that short time, my palette has kind of reset to what is probably a much more natural level. I don't expect every single bite of my pasta to be bursting with cheesy, salty goodness, as I unknowingly did before. With my lemon and ginger dressing, it still tastes good, but it's a different kind of good than what I would have accepted just a few days ago.

And I've also had to get creative with what kinds of food I buy, because the diet can be monotonous. Which is where the dried figs came in. I was at the store, looking for some fruit, when they caught my eye. I hadn't eaten figs since I lived in Morocco, and I could barely remember what they tasted like, but I picked up a bag, and tonight, after my apple/banana smoothie, had a few. They were so GOOD! And good in a complicated, earthy kind of way. And after a few, I had enough, there wasn't an urge to just keep eating until I reached the bottom of the bag. I think that's because they were nourishing for my entire body, not just the 1 square centimeter of my tongue.

So, go chow down on some figs and dates people! Another interesting discovery from the Peak Condition Project!

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