Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 7, Over the hump

Well it's been a week, and I've done the hardest thing about this project... broken up my unskillful habitual actions that were keeping me from peak condition. Before, I would often eat things just out of boredom, and if I had an extra 10 mins here or there, I sure as hell wouldn't have busted out a few sets of crunches. (More likely I would have crunched on some chips and salsa) And I wasn't lazy or a glutton, it was just my habit to snack (healthily) when I had some free time.

I think the first week is hard not because of the new exercises or diet, but because you can't run on autopilot. You actually have to think about what before you just did... eating, drinking, watching YouTube videos for an hour.

Part of my plan for this project is to incorporate some healthy habits that, for one reason or another, I never got growing up. Some of the healthy habits I hope to integrate into my life are.

  • Eating fresh fruit daily.
  • Approaching food with less craving and more respect.
  • Eating a set amount and not "topping off" just because I have a little extra room in my stomach.
  • Seeing a mocha for what it is, a chocolate cake in a cup.
  • Sticking to something because I want to, not because anyone told me to.

With this first week down I think I've made great progress towards picking up these lifelong habits!
Thanks everyone for your support.

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