Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Peak Condition Project Blog

The Peak Condition Project

Starting the first day of spring 2008 and ending on my birthday (July 23rd), this is a personal project to reach peak physical condition just once in my life.

What is Peak Condition? For me, it’s my childhood (and adulthood) hero… Bruce Lee. No wasted body mass. Every muscle fiber on his body has a use. It’s not cosmetic, or what I call “dumb muscle.”


This project will combine diet, asana, and very selective use of weights. Unlike most people, my problem is too much muscle mass. The second I pick up a weight I get overly muscular. This is a hindrance to my yoga practice and also just doesn’t look good for someone like me who is on the short side. So, with my Kung Fu teacher’s supervision I’m going to slim down my upper body and tone my core. We’ll see how it goes. Check the Peak Condition Project blog for daily updates about how I’m doing, what’s changing, and what’s tripping me up.

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