Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 4, Hungry

Last night trying to fall asleep I was really hungry for the first time in this project. As usual I found a lot of help from my zen studies. Hunger, just like sadness, anger, or craving, is just a feeling. If you take a step back and realize that this one feeling doesn't encompass all of you, that you don't have to be pulled around by the nose by it, everything becomes easier.

But it still sucks to be hungry.


Kitty said...

Good idea using your studies to combat the hunger. A REALLY good point and one I will incorporate into my trying to get where I want to be! I've certainly used it with the discomfort of biking, but then run to the fridge at the first hunger pang, yet it's same thing right?

I'm sure your trainer knows his shit, so I am not second guessing, but just make sure you are getting enough calories! :-) Don't wnt your metabolism to slow down. Kicking butt P! :-)

yoga garden said...

Yeah, for a normal person the calories might be a little low, but since my goal is to be kind of "stripped bare" I'm going a little deeper.

The truth is that most of us consume too many calories, even if it's the 2000 or so that the FDA recommends. In every single experiment on all kinds of animals those that have eaten 3/4 to 1/2 of the usual calories are healthier and have longer lives.

I'll write more on this later.