Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 109, Shirtless and Storytime

Well, it's officially summer in Japan. That means one word, humidity. Beads of sweat on your hairline, moisture in all your creases, T-shirt sticking to your chest.

But this year I'm feeling pretty good about it. And for one reason. I'm not embarrassed to sit around shirtless! It's hard for your t-shirt to stick to you when you don't have one on. I'm planning on spending the whole season topless, at least while I'm in my own apartment. Here's me as I type this post.

Before, it wasn't like I was so shy that I didn't want anyone to see me without a shirt. I would just get kind of disgusted by my gut after a few minutes and put something on so that I didn't have to think about it anymore. I'm sure pretty much all out of shape guys go through this.

I've always thought it was the most unfair thing in the world that guys can go shirtless but women can't. Take it off ladies!

But you want to know the worst thing about the humidity? I have a scar on my head that runs from my forehead to about halfway to the middle of my skull.

Normally it's no problem (except that it makes my hair messy) but when it gets humid, the scar swells up and becomes tender and painful to the touch. On the worst of days I can feel it throb with pain in time with my heartbeat. This is how I perform my famous slowing down and speeding up my heartbeat trick that you may have experienced if you know me personally.

How did I get the scar? When I was 12 I went to summer camp. One day we were hiking down to a swimming hole called Sliding Rock, for obvious reasons.

It had rained the night before, and the trail was a little slippery. I can't remember much, but I've been told that as I turned a corner on the path I slipped and fell right off the trail, down a ravine and cracked my noggin on a rock. I was sitting there by myself for a minute or two while the counselors tried to find a way down there. I had ended up propped up against a rock like I was lounging on a patio chair, with this hot fountain of blood shooting up into the air and down on me, and I kept saying to myself. "I've gotta get to Sliding Rock so I can rinse this red stuff off me."

A counselor finally got to me and he started carrying me back up, and I was like, "No, Sliding Rock is that way, you're going the wrong way! You're going the wrong way!" Ha ha. Good times, good times.

But there is a real message here. If you're dealing with someone who's had a head trauma, remember their brains are totally addled. Just ignore whatever they say and keep them awake.


Nate said...

I know someone who is very good at yoga who can contract or dilate their pupils at will, and my friend who dives can slow down his heartbeat. I totally wish I could be that in touch with my body, just another thing to work towards i guess.
How did you come into touch with your heartbeat like that? From zazen and/or yoga? And I don't mean to laugh at your pain but that last scene should be in a movie. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you didn't die.

Patrick said...

I can do the pupils thing to. I learned the heartbeat thing during zazen. Zazen is some boring stuff, so I learned how to mess around with my heartbeat by feeling it in my scar, mainly to pass time. Gwen makes fun of me for this. "You're supposed to be doing ZAZEN."

Nate said...

DItto to what gwen said. Especially because c'mon you totally could've come up with some better last words.

And gwen you're just jealous admit it! :D (Unless of course you too can control your heart beat and pupils which would be awesome)

And speaking of Zazen being boring, when I recently started to give it a shot, my "monkey-mind" certainly seems to want to not make it boring, it comes up with the most random stuff. Kudos to your yoga garden video on zazen, it was very informative.

David said...

So was that the moment you had some sense knocked into ya? ;)

Glad you're alive or we all wouldn't be on this very page admiring your Bruce Lee body.

miranda said...

Guess what Patrick? Today I had a cookie and I tell ya, it wasn't nearly as satisfying as some banana, pineapple, apple mix would have been. Or an orange. I'm converted!

PS - Do you love Japan more than America? Do you miss America ever, and do you ever feel like movin' back?

Patrick said...

Yeah, fruit is the best!

America's great. Japan is great. Every country I've lived in has had things I love and things that drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I have zero desire to control my pupils/heart beat. Thanks for asking, though! And I still say Patrick should be meditating when he's meditating + freaking me out w/his eye thing when he's freaking me out.