Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 107, Don't Get Caught Up in Being "Ripped"

Lots of heavy physical labor today and again, as I described in Day 32 I was able to get through it with tons of energy left over for the rest of my evening. At one point I was carrying a large plant in a heavy pot, and I noticed how easy it was after doing all those curls. It really made the job more pleasant.

All of this work was done out in the heat of the day and I was very thankful to not have that extra layer of body fat around me. While of course I still feel hot, there isn't that clautrophobic sweltering feeling anymore. I also don't sweat as much as I remember in summers past.

This is all great stuff as it is examples of the PCP working well in real-world situations. One of the things that I don't want to encourage too much is just looking good for the sake of looking good. Actual health and vitality have very little to do with how big your shoulders or or how defined your six pack is. There are a great deal of inner muscles which we never see that do the majority of the heavy lifting in life. If you want to a great example of being in superb health just look to yoga masters. They sure don't look like well defined models, but they live for years and years with perfect health and can do things like this at age 91:

Really, the only thing that looking super cut and defined is good for is your self-confidence. But that's a pretty big deal for most of us I guess.

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