Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 103, Evaluation

Today is the first day of July. Three years ago today we opened Yoga Garden. It's also the month Gwen's and my birthday is. And it's also the month that my Peak Condition Project will end. It's very strange to be here. I remember starting in March and looking at the calendar and thinking I would never make it to July, that everything would be so different in July.

But change happens so gradually I can't exactly say what's different. Of course I've got some new muscle and less fat, but that stuff is only the beginning of the PCP's effects. When you succeed in something like this your mind changes in a subtle way. When you look at a challenge the first question isn't so much "can I do it?" as "how will accomplishing this help me?" or perhaps "what will I do after I accomplish this?"

Every other project seems much more plausible when you've gotten control of your own body. It's easy to focus your energy when the wetworks is all running smoothly and supporting you.

If you've ever ridden a bike or run with a tailwind, you'll know how much a little push can help you and make you feel like you're flying. Well, when you're in Peak Condition you feel that push all the time, and it makes everything more fun. (I suppose being in really bad shape and carrying around a bunch of extra weight would be like pedaling into a headwind)

So I find myself in the odd position of feeling like myself but also knowing I've been changed by this project. I'm still figuring it all out but I hope that by the end in 22 days I'll be able to make a more complete report on the big mental rewirings that happened through the process. I'm going to start with tomorrow's post which will be about my relationship with alcohol. See you then!


Anonymous said...

I just noticed that on David's blog you wrote that if he jumps rope before eating breakfast, he will make progress way better.

Howcome? I've heard that it is not good to work out without first putting some fuel into your body, is that not true?

Patrick said...

That comment was following on a long email I sent to the PCPers about this topic, which there isn't space to go into here.

But basically if you're looking to burn fat, you want to have the minimum amount of glycogen in your system. The body uses glycogen as fuel, but if there's none of that around, it turns to burning fat.

When you wake up glycogen levels are the lowest of any time of the day.

What you said is true, the body will burn the fuel you put into it. If you eat a meal and then jumprope your body will go through all the calories in the meal before turning to fat stores.

Jumping in the morning isn't essential though. It just burns fat faster. Either way the fat will go.

Corry said...

It is an interesting time/space for you to be in now, you have changed so much and are working thru your days completely differently now...how to put all those changes in words must be tricky but DO try because it's so inspiring to read and as I work through the PCP it really motivates and affirms me. ENJOY this time, you are reaping so many rewards for your choices (oh i'm such a mom eh?). I'm so proud of you!