Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 121, Productivity

This week I got a commission to do 35 personlized logos for each member of a bank staff for an upcoming bank event. I had 5 days to finish this task.

I got it done in two, and the logos look awesome. I'll post them in this entry once they've been used.

I've noticed over the course of this project that new ideas come faster to me now that I'm fit and I can simply sit down, think about a design problem, and come to an elegant solution. Before I would spend hours in trial and error, or just procrastinating.

So the PCP is really paying for itself, if I take into account how much more work I can get done in a given day now.

7 a.m. yoga in the park lesson tomorrow, so I better get to bed.

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NathalyNYNY said...

I dream of being this productive, Patrick. It's my biggest source of stress -- the feeling that i'm wasting time, willfully ignoring my power to effect change and spitting in the face of all the opportunities i've been given. i'm really looking forward to not feeling so lazy, but to be quite honest i'm actually afraid of failing this all..

enjoying your blog so far, but you're gonna be hard to measure up to!!