Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 100, My New T-shirt

Damn, day 100. People are pretty silly. After all, there's a difference of exactly "1" between 99 and 100, the same exact difference between, say, "72" and "73". But when we see that extra digit pop on there we get a little excited don't we?

100 days. I can hardly remember starting this crazy project now. People ask me how I got the idea and I can't clearly remember anymore, I've been doing it so long that it's just something I do, like those soldiers who don't even know why they fight anymore, except not so grim and with eggs.

Anyway, day 100 is just an arbitrary number, but I'll take any excuse I can to celebrate. So this time we're marking the milestone with a new T-shirt. Check this out!

Cool huh? The front is just white. Anybody have any ideas for what could go on the front of it?

Here's a detail of it. Clicky the piccy to make it get biggy.

And a big thank you to everyone who reads and comments. You support me more than you could ever know. If I was just alone trying to do this I wouldn't have made it to day 10 much less day 100.

Ah, hell, one more!


David said...

Oh I know!


That would be the cat's ass!

Nate said...


maybe listed down the left side

or David's ^^ That's hilarious and awesome

PCP-ette said...

I like both ideas! But some of the categories vary from person to person... How about something like "PCP: make it your own"?

Or, you could have the words "strength", "fitness", and "diet" moving upward like they're reaching a peak. With mighty soy giving them a little push, ha ha. ;)

By the way, congratulations for day 100 Patrick!!! What a difference a day makes, and it's true - 100 just seems so much more 'up there' than 99. It reminds me of the board game "Chutes and Ladders" - 100 was just so much cooler, ribbon 'n all!