Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 95, Stretching Technique Revealed!

I've been talking about it for weeks. Here it is, the method I've found that gets me the results I'm looking for as I move towards side splits.

It works and it gets results fast. With my own power alone it would probably take another year.

***Well, that didn't go over well. I had to take this video down due to negative reaction and fears that people were going to hurt themselves trying it. There was a lot of misunderstanding about the pain involved in this stretch and I didn't want people to get the wrong idea that I'm actually damaging myself. It's a safe and effective method but that wasn't communicated in the video enough I guess***


Corry said...

What a terrific post. Not only am I amazed at how you and Kaz worked out this technique, but Patrick, you are committed to it wholly and it's really really challenging you physically and emotionally too. You are almost there though, I am really proud of you. Thanks for showing the technique!

Ken said...

Very cool, Patrick. The only bad part is the amount of dependencies: someone willing to push you into a wall for five minutes, an ultrasound machine, and some other contraption that I missed the name of.

Do you happen to have any ideas in the works that would allow for practicing solo and with no machines (or maybe just something cheap and portable). I suspect the answer is probably no, but please let us know if you figure something out :)

Thanks for sharing the technique!

Patrick said...

Hi Ken,

There are tons of good stretches for getting to splits, most of which I used to get front splits. But I just wasn't satisfied with my slow progress with the side splits, especially the true front split and not the kind you see Thomas Kurz doing, which I can pretty much do.

If you've been reading this blog you know I am a hardcore minimalist, but in this situation I figured I'd use all the equipment and experience at my disposal, because I'd really like to have this split nailed down before July 23rd.

For everyone else, I'd say take it slow and follow the routines outlined in this video. (Note the link may go off the margin of the page but it will still work if you select the whole sentence.

Anonymous said...

You're one crazy mofo but I admire your desire to find your limits.

Nate said...

Crap. I am so mad i missed the video. Darn negative people!