Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 74, Fashion Show

You might not believe this but I am actually not an exhibitionist. I am very shy about being seen with my shirt off, probably a result of being a chubby grade schooler humiliated at dozens of pool parties
(Note: This picture isn't me but it's damn close!)

So it took a lot of courage for me to start the daily pictures, but I knew it was the only way to motivate myself and keep the transparency a project like this needs.

So, much to my embarrassment, you've seen 73 topless pictures of me, and I thought it might be good to show how the PCP effects how you look in clothes. You know when you go to the clothes store and they have the mannequins showing off the fashions? Well, if you look at the male mannequins, you'll notice that they are totally ripped.

And the clothes look good on them, the chest fits, the shoulders are filled. But when most guys put on the same stuff, it looks like this...

The good news is that after 74 days my torso resembles the mannequin's much more than the weaklings. And as a result clothes look the way they're supposed to.

Also I promised I'd show the funky shorts I got that are actually boys size 14. Here they are. Cool huh?

So yet another happy side effect of the PCP. Clothes look better!


Anonymous said...

You should turn the PCP into a book :)

David said...

You so sexy, ninja!

Corry said...

Me like the shorts! And I agree with Josiah, you ARE superman. Looking gooood!