Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 87, Daily Photo FAQs

If you've been reading my blog I'm sure you've also browsed through the Flickr stream on the right side up there. I thought I'd address some questions that have come up about the photos.

1. Why do you do the same pose every day?
I thought it would be the easiest way to see what's really changing. Plus, when it's all over I'm going to make a time-lapse movie and we can all see the transformation happen in just a few seconds.

2. Some days you look bigger and stronger than other days that come after them. What's up with that?
A few things. Sometimes it's just a matter of lighting. When I take the photo at night (due to a one-off scheduling conflict) I turn on the overhead lights. Those cast a lot of shadows which make the muscles look more defined.

Other times I take the picture after a tough workout and my muscles are pumped up a little bit. Some days I'm forced to take the photo "cold".

And lastly, I'm still not very good at flexing. Before the PCP I thought bodybuilding competitions were kind of a joke, but now I know how hard it is to make certain muscles flex at the right amount for best effect. Some days I get a good one, others, I totally mess it up and look weaker as a result.

oops, screwed another one up...

I try to throw in some photos from other angles in the blog so people can get a better idea of my progress.

3. How do you feel when you look back at the earlier daily photos?
It's weird, I look at those pictures and I totally remember thinking, "damn, you're looking pretty good there Patrick." I didn't really give much thought to improving my physique.

I was watching a Bruce Lee clip one day and it just occurred to me. "You don't look anything like that. You act like you're in good shape but you still suck your gut in when you go surfing. If you keep fooling yourself like this you're going to wake up a 45 year old man with a beer belly and jowls and it'll be too late." And I just decided to change. It was like, a 5 second process.

So I hope this sheds some light on the photo taking process. It's actually quite a deep topic. Everyday we see pictures of fit, beautiful people selling us stuff. The Daily Photo has made me realize that what we're actually viewing is the following:

  • Winners of the genetic jackpot
  • who are paid to spend hours a day on their appearance and physique
  • in a picture taken by a professional, with the best cameras, make-up, and lighting available
  • and the picture we see is the very best out of hundreds taken at that one shoot.
We all know this intellectually but we still see the image and compare ourselves to it, and find ourselves wanting. It's a pretty insane situation but something in human nature just can't help it I guess.

But try to remember it the next time you see something like this.


Nate said...

You need to write a book. Seriously. I will buy it.

Love the PCP I want to do it! So right now I am getting into PPCPC (Pre-PCP-Condition) Haha. I am using a lot of the stuff I have read here to get myself ready to kick it into high gear. I imagine living in a place where everyone was in PC and it would be awesome.

Thanks for the encouragement


Patrick said...

The book is coming Nate. We're meeting with publishers next week.

I'm thinking about opening the project up to three more guniea pigs, are you interested?

Nate said...

I am most definitely interested. I can't believe how much different or should I say attainable getting in shape seems when I look at the resistance band and jump rope and think of the results it makes. So if you do open the project I'm in, besides I think I would love to blog, I'm a talker.