Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 76, Still On the Hunt...

... for a Chin-Up bar. I've looked all over the web and called a few sports stores, and I'm seriously thinking about trying to make this thing:

I found the plans for this on this awesome DIY exercise site.

I have a long history trying to make crackpot gadgets and it usually ends up in failure and costing triple the price of a professionally made one.

I've never fallen into many of the cliche male stereotypes. For example, I have absolutely no problem asking for directions, as I am constantly lost, I have no problem admitting I'm wrong, because I usually am. But I do have that tendency to get knee deep into a building project only to find out that it won't work. Among my many failures include:

A 50 gallon barrel used for holding clean drinking water, accessed by a spigot. (It leaked)

An in-store beach display including moving waves on a rotary engine. (It shook itself to pieces)

A turtle home including an active waterfall (turtles can't stand being near moving water... oops!)

A greenhouse for growing herbs in winter (it tipped over in the mildest of breezes, killing the plants a little each time)

A meditation bench (worked for me but I let a *cough* heavyset friend try it and the screws were ripped right out)

... and many, many (many) more.

So, am I really going to try and make this thing out of plumbing pipe and electrical tape? You bet! What could go wrong?

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