Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 77, How to Eat 5 Egg Whites a Day...

... and not go crazy.

Egg whites are not the most appetizing thing in the world. Especially considering you are eating the cytoplasm of an unfertilized chicken ovary. But you gotta have them if you want to build muscle. Why? The things are pure protein. Nothing but amino acids, which your body uses overnight to make new muscle. But, all hope isn't lost, there are some tricks you can do to make the things more palatable. I eat 5 a day now, so I'll put up 5 different techniques, although there are many more.

1. Pepper

Pepper adds a spicy and 0 calorie way to liven up egg whites. Use freshly ground pepper for extra bite.

2. Mustard

I love mustard. Plain old yellow mustard is great, and the fancy stuff with the peppercorns still intact is great too. At 5 calories a tablespoon it's no problem if you're sticking to a close training diet

3. Red Wine Vinegar

This is one of my favorites, and has the added benefit of improving circulation. You can also use Chinese black vinegar if you are truly hardcore. Use the hollow of the egg as a kind of cup.

4. Ginger

This is something you can find in any Japanese food store, a tube of emulsified ginger. Very spicy and fresh taste! Also keeps your breath fresh and not eggy.

5. Pesto

This is the least diet friendly of the bunch, with Pesto's oil and salt content. But it tastes so good and works when you can't stand the thought of eating one more egg white.

So there are some ideas for anyone crazy enough to eat a lot of these things. Chen was telling about one of his bodybuilder friends who eats 20 a day. I can't imagine. Does anyone have any more ideas for dressing up the blandest food on earth?


Jake Sibley said...

Hey Patrick, about the pull up bar, check out That bar swings down to a low level, too. Thanks for the yoga stretching video.

Patrick said...

Thanks man! I had seen the perfect pushup thing, but somehow missed this. The swing down bar is just what I'm looking for.

I love the internet. There's always someone who has the answer you're looking for.

Patrick said...

Argh, they only ship in the US.

Jake Sibley said...

Your videos are a big help. I'd be willing to ship it to you, if you paid for it (Paypal?). Not sure how much it would cost, though.

Jake Sibley said...

Looks like it's ten pounds shipping weight. Well, you can let me know at jake *at* jakesibley (dot) commmmm. Happy to help.