Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 82, Lemon Bars

Today you may remember was my indulgence day.

So far the indulgences, which come every 15 days have been;


A Chocolate Chip Cookie

Wine and Cheese

Ice Cream

and today's was...

Homemade Lemon Bars!

I love desserts that aren't overly sweet and have more than one flavor going on at once. Cheesecake, bitter chocolate, etc... so Lemon Bars have always been one of my favorites.

But in Japan you're never going to find lemon bars so we've learned to make them.

Here's how the sheet looks before cutting.

and here's how they look going into my mouth.

Tangy and delicious. Great texture. Homemade things just have that extra something to them. I ate 4 5cm by 5cm bars.

After 10 minutes, an intense bout of the shakes as the sugar hit my bloodstream. I just can't take that much concentrated sucrose at once anymore. My stomach was also a little confused as to what to do with all the flour hitting it at so late a time (9pm) I haven't eaten more than a piece of toast's worth of carbs past 6pm in 82 days.

Upset stomach, occasional twitches in the back of my neck. A heavy sleepy feeling (sugar crash). Churning intestines. A desire to put the leftover lemon bars out of sight. Tired in body but mind racing.

Phew! Next indulgence, day 97. These things are a real trial for me. It blows my mind that I used to eat this stuff that now turns my world upside down like it was nothing. My question is, is it necessarily good to be this sensitive to rich food? Isn't there something to be said for having an iron stomach? My body has gotten much stronger but my stomach is a real wimp these days.


miranda said...

Haha, I can't believe you had four! Even at my most sweets-crazed phase of life I couldn't do more than 2. (And trust me, I loved sweets. I could do like 5 cookies.)

Yeah, it must be really hard to stomach. You should have a slice of pizza next time.

Patrick said...

Ok, I've been hearing calls for pizza for months now. Day 92 will be pizza!

miranda said...

Haha, cool, although I bet you're thinking "Damn it! I have to eat pizza!"

I do have another question though - do you know if the fats in almonds and avocadoes are as bad as the ones in, lets say, a Big Mac (or equally bad-for-you food)? I've read that almonds and avocadoes have "good" fats, but still, if you eat too much, will they get you fat?

Patrick said...

Hi Miranda,

You should start by defining "bad for you." If you mean gaining weight on a scale, yes, the fats in avocados and almonds are as "bad" as the Big Mac. In fact, an avocado has as much fat as a Quarter Pounder. If you eat a ton of almonds and avocados and don't exercise you will get fatter.

However, because almonds and avocados contain predominantly monosaturated fats, aside from the caloric content they don't have a downside. And they have a whole host of benefits for heart health and provide vegetarians with Omega 3s that they can't get from meat. So, as part of a healthy diet, almonds and avocados are excellent.

But my best advice is to forget all that nutrition mumbo jumbo and just eat a moderate amount of all different kinds of foods, and cut the stuff that comes from a factory.

Just making that simple change will lose somebody 5 pounds in a month.