Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 86, Late Night

Long day and a late night. Didn't get home until 1:00am, which technically makes this a day 87 post I guess. I'm quite tired.

There's one thing for sure, parties are the enemy of the PCP. It's very tough to control your eating when snack food and alcohol are laid out everywhere. Plus, a late bedtime sabotages you in two ways. One is that you don't get enough sleep that night. Muscle growth happens during the fiber repair stage that happens when you snooze. The second way is that the next day your workout will suffer as you work on little sleep. You'll probably have to cut some sets.

I'm not much of a partier anyway. But especially not now.


miranda said...

I hear you on this one.

Once you're as established in a way of eating as you are though, putting the reins on those snack trays shouldn't really be too hard though, right? I work at an ice cream parlor and it hasn't been hard to stop eating it; though it does tempt, I simply don't give in.

Patrick said...

It's the little crackery type snacks that don't seem like a big deal until you realize you've eaten 3 pounds of the stuff.