Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 96, Gearing Up Again

Well, I took a few days off from the strictest parts of the PCP and I feel well rested and ready to pick up where I left off at day 90.

In my rest time I gained about 1 kilo but it's no big deal. It seems to have all gone to my love handles so I know it'll come off easy. The biggest difference has been in my energy levels.

As always, this kind of stuff is totally counterintuitive. In the last few days I've eaten more, exercised a little less, and taken it easy with long naps in the park and on the sofa.

And my energy has been way down.

The weird and inconvenient truth is that you have to move it and shake it in order to get the most out your body's natural energy levels. There's no way around this, it's often a pain, but if you want to feel good about yourself you've got to get those cells, bones, and muscles in motion!

So I'm back, look for a new photo tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Woah, I can't believe you had to take the video down on your last post, that video was truly an amazing one. I guess some people are just out of touch. My reaction to the thing was, "Wow, Patrick's amazing."

Glad to hear you're gearing up again.