Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 48, Pigging Out

Today after lunch I still felt really hungry. This is a kind of hunger I get sometimes, where I just have to have something sweet. I'm sure it's tied in with some sort of glucose/low blood sugar thing. I tried to ignore it but after an hour I had to eat something. Before, when I felt like this, I might polish off three or four manju, (sweet Japanese cakes), or a bagfull of cookies, or a tray of mini donuts. Today I went overboard too, but it was a very different menu. Here's how I pigged out on the PCP.

In a bowl, combine (chopped)
1 orange
1 apple
8 dried dates
4 dried figs
8 dried prunes
4 dried apricots
3 tablespoons of honey
enough lowfat milk to cover the bottom layer of fruit.

It was a ton of food, and so sweet and delicious, especially drizzled with honey. It was almost sinful. I ate too much and my stomach hurt a little bit afterwards (as it always did with the cookies and donuts of before), but what a difference a few weeks can make. I wouldn't even dream of eating that junky stuff now, not because I'm trying to get fit, but because my fruit bowl tasted better than all the sugar and processed crap in my old sweet cravings.

Which is what I've found out time and time again. The actual diet and exercise isn't that hard, it's the changing of old habits that takes time. After you've done that, the Project takes care of itself.


Anonymous said...

So you're saying that that's not an indulgence?
Today after lunch I was hungry so I ate like a ton of dried dates... like 15 to 20 and now my stomach hurts.
But tomorrow, after a month of diet, I wanted to try having some chocolate or ice-cream, do you think I should avoid that since today I ate all those dates?


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