Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 65, The Difference

Today I taught 5 hours of yoga, and instead having lunch spent that time taking photos of yoga for upcoming projects. Around 3 pm it started to rain. I didn't have a raincoat or umbrella, when I left the house early this morning it was sunny.

This was all fine except that I had told Chen I would meet him after my last class at the local gym to learn more, ever more, conditioning techniques.

So there I was, tired, hungry, and with nothing to look forward to except biking across town in the rain to meet Chen and do painful, difficult exercises.

I took a long look at my cell phone. It would be so easy to call up and cancel. It's what anyone would do considering the day I was having.

But then, the thought came from somewhere, that "yes, anyone would call up and cancel, go home to a nice dinner and quiet evening. But that's not what someone who is aiming for Peak Condition would do."

Suddenly it didn't seem so hard to get to the gym. I had a good time and learned kung fu sit-ups, which you might have seen in the classic Drunken Master.

The sit-ups can be seen from 0:50 on. They take great strength as well as superior flexibility. I want to get better at them but I don't have access to a steady bar... I'm thinking about how to get one rigged up without taking a flimsy Japanese wall down with me as I break my neck.

Anyway, those moments, where you look the easy choice dead in the eyes and say "no thanks," are the only difference between being in good shape and peak condition. And far beyond physical fitness, they're the difference between just getting by or doing something wonderful with your life.

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