Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 68, Does this Product Exist?

Man, what a difference 68 days makes. Tonight I spent a good 30 minutes browsing Power Towers. What the hell is a Power Tower? I didn't know either until I started searching for "pull up bar set" and was educated as to the proper gym rat name for these things. (Isn't it amazing how the internet educates you without there being any one person who teaches you? Extelligence) A Power Tower is a rig like this:

I'm thinking of putting one in the studio, but none of the ones I've seen is acceptable. They're ugly and scream sweaty gross gym. And, I'm trying to find something that will allow me to do pull ups and have several levels of bars for leg stretches. So, basically, I need a ballet barre for legs that goes all the way up to the ceiling for upper body training and those evil kung fu situps I wrote about in Day 65.

I need this!!!

There seem to be two worlds, the guys who want to look like Schwarzenegger and the lightweight yoga types who want to put their feet behind their heads. And never the twain shall meet, at least in terms of manufacturing gym equipment it seems.

So, I'm going to have to make the damn thing myself. I haven't welded since university but if I can find a good arc welder with an automatic feed it would be an easy project. There's no way I'm going to stick weld the thing.

Any ideas readers?

(crickets chirping)

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Blake said...


I saw this ceiling mounted anti-gravity boot crunch rack--looks like it can do pull-ups too. It's at 2:50 on the Chris Comfort Abs II vid on youtube.

Might that work?