Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 55, The Envelope Please...

As I said on day 53, thank you everyone who applied to do the PCP. We were overwhelmed with applicants, and it was hard to choose. We're thinking of opening another cycle in a few weeks so stay tuned if you weren't selected this time.

So, here are our first three Peak Conditioners (besides me)

First up, Sean!

Sean has a background in karate and fits the definition of what the PCP is all about... taking someone in good shape and getting them to top fitness levels. Plus, to keep Chen on his toes, Sean is a vegan! So we'll see how mighty Mighty Soy really is. For his target physique, Sean has chosen Stephew Chow of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle fame. Why is he doing the PCP? In his own words :

"Beyond the goal of just looking good without a shirt on (which is definitely a nice side effect to the project) my ultimate goal and the reason I've been so interested in taking part in the PCP ever since Patrick posted his very first entry is very much the same as his goal. The idea of being at my very peak condition and the strength and overall great health and confidence that it will surely bring is reason enough to be a part of this. I think my ultimate goal with all of this will be to Be Better Than I Was Before, something that I plan on going into in more depth when the project officially starts."

You can follow Sean's progress on his PCP blog, here.

Next, David!

David is kind of our control group. He's about the same age as me, and we are both pescetarians, meaning he can follow my diet closely. With David, we'll see if I'm just a freak or if the PCP really works. His target physique is Brad Pitt as seen in Fight Club. Why did he sign up for The Peak Condition Project? His explanation:

"The Peak Condition Project is more than an achievement in fitness. Focus, energy, perseverance, confidence - these are all elements that I desire for a better "me". This project is not an escape from an old life, it is a catalyst for a new one."
You can follow David's project on his PCP blog, here.

Finally, Corry!

We were so glad to have several women apply for the PCP. We chose Corry because she is in good shape, runs and does yoga often, and just needs some structure and assistance to get into peak shape with her busy family life. Plus, she is local to Chen and I so we can check her progress on the ground. Her target physique is that of Gabrielle Reese, the beach volleyball player and model. Corry joined the PCP because:

"I am really after being strong without bulking up. I want to be lean and strong and flexible too, so that I can be the genki vibrant mom, wife, woman, and friend that I long to be!"
You can follow Corry's journey on her PCP blog, here.

It's going to be a wild ride, please support our little band with your love, support, and comments! And don't worry if you weren't chosen this time. Chen and I will make all of our mistakes on this unlucky lot, and the PCP will only be better next time we open it to the public.

Thanks everyone, and good luck! (not that luck has anything to do with it)

-Patrick, Peak Conditioner number "0"


Melissa Maples said...

Hey Patrick, great choices for the second generation of PCPers. Can't wait to see their progress.

Is it possible we could get everyone to enable Name/URL commenting on their blogs? In particular, I was trying to comment on Sean's blog today, and the only options he has available are to use a Google account or an OpenID account... this forces people to sign up for something just to comment on a blog, a move which will cut received comment amounts down significantly.

I'd love to comment on all these projects, but only if I can use the information I want to use to identify myself (in other words, I don't really want to advertise my Google ID, and I don't want to sign up for OpenID).

Loving your project, can't wait to see how the newbies get on with it!

Sean said...

There you go, I fixed it for you and I appreciate that you were trying to send me a comment this early in my journey (and before the project officially starts, no less). It really helps to have that kind of support.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see the announcement--happy to have also helped make the choice with Patrick (and Chen, virtually). I'll be helping out with this round of PCP--I'm sure Patrick just forgot to mention it in this post. See y'all around soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick-
I got home from school today tired as hell, not wanting to do my exercise at all. But I knew if I came here I could get that push of inspiration.

So I did, and it worked. I had a great workout that may have otherwise never happened.

Love PCP!

Yoga Teacher said...

Members looks energetic. Thanks for the announcement.

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