Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 58, An Old Photo

About three years ago I went through the 10 Rolfing sessions. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to the Rolfing Homepage. Rolfing is great and I highly recommend it.

Part of the Rolfing process is taking a before and after picture, to check how your posture has changed. I kind of forgot all about the pictures. But then last week I ran into my "Rolfer" and the photos popped into my mind. I asked him if he could send my old photos to me via email, and they arrived yesterday.

I couldn't believe them. Are you ready for this?

When this photo was taken I was coming off of two years at a desk job, and it really shows in the curved shoulders, turtle neck, and of course, extra flab. I'll never go back there!

And, I know someone's going to ask, so here's a shot I took this morning in my bathroom.

This is the skinniest I've been in my life. And I'm still two months away from Peak Condition.


Blake said...

What were your initial steps that helped you go from the first picture to the second? I'm sure there were many, but any particular changes that stand out? I'm on that journey myself.

Patrick said...

Hi Blake

The biggest thing was that I started doing lots and lots of yoga and in general had a fuller life. When you're doing interesting projects and going all over town by bicycle or train, you don't have the inclination to eat big meals all day.

So, I guess I changed my lifestyle as the first step.

Gwen and Patrick said...
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Anonymous said...

Dude: you're turning Japanese. Srsly. The hair, the glasses, the bod. Soon enough Stuff White People Like will

Corry said...

Amazing transformation...I can hardly recognize you in the first photo! Can you? Does it feel like you're looking at you when you see that older shot?? Really amazing.

Patrick said...

I recognize me, but it's weird, at that time I didn't feel "fat" per se. I just felt like myself. In the same way I don't feel in really good shape now, just like myself.