Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 69, Randomness

Strength levels seem to be getting back to normal. I don't know what that was about last week. Also not craving extra food so much. The body is so complicated, it's hard to say that any one thing causes another. But it might have had to do with summer finally coming on. My body seems to hiccup a little bit when the seasons change.

I've heard a few people remarking that they'd like to get in shape so they look good in sleeveless shirts and in swimsuits. You need to think about that stuff in March people! But if you start today you could tighten up somewhat before July.

As for me, I'm trying to loosen up, my right hip specifically. I am seriously thinking of hiring someone to push me into the wall with my legs open. It would take about 10 minutes a day. How much would you pay someone to do that? I wish there was a Craig's List in Japan.


Anonymous said...

I always wonder, are human bodies meant to be really flexible? I can't imagine cave men and early hunter-gatherers being as flexible as today's ballerinas and such.

Also - I'm attempting to get into my side and front splits, but even on my best side, Im still about 6inches above the ground. How long should I hold each stretch for if I really wanna get better?

And is it true that some people are never able to achieve a side split because their hips don't have the right structure? A friend told me this back in elementary school.

Patrick said...

Re: Paragraph 1
The human body isn't under normal circumstances meant to do side splits, and you're right, the cavemen didn't do them. The body also wasn't meant to run a 4 minute mile, lift 800 pounds, or swim 50 meters in 20 seconds, feats we'll see in a few weeks in Beijing. The fact is, we've got this frail and temporary body and it's incredibly empowering to find the limits of it (safely)

Re: paragraph 2
You should hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and do it a few times a day.

Re: paragraph 3
Yes, it's true, some people's hip socket is constructed so that it blocks the head of the femur in extreme movements. But this is rare. If you can put your foot on the back of a chair that is the same height as your hips, you can do any split.

Anonymous said...

Hey Patchip -
I'm looking for some guidance on using the resistance bands for the lower half of the body. Upstairs, all set. Downstairs -- other than lunges and squats -- need a little help. Can you share what you're doing?
- Brent

Patrick said...

Hey Brent,

You gotta get hardcore on the legs man. I'll write a post on this sometime.

If your resistance bands have ankle attachments you can use the door anchor and perform some resistance based leg raises, but this is really just going to hit your core and illio-psoas.

To get the calves and quads you're going to need to hop down the length of the room with your legs deeply bent. I say hop but you should be getting 2 to 4 feet of air with each jump.

Sounds crazy but they work. I'll put pictures up sometime.