Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 53, Decisions, Decisions

Chen and I are making our final choices for who will start the PCP in just 3 days. It's a really tough choice, and we both hate saying "no" to people. If we had the resources we would PCP everyone on the planet!

We're trying to find 3 or 4 very different kinds of people, to see how the system works for different lifestyles. In the next few days I'll announce and introduce the selected participants.

We were surprised and honored by how many people signed up, so thank you for everyone who did. Also thanks for all the nice comments and support everyone is sending to me personally. They really give me a lot of motivation, so any progress you see is in part thanks to you!

Check back tomorrow or the next day for the announcement.


Anonymous said...

Y'all 2 are so cute!

PICK ME!?!?!?!?!!O@#O#JO@IJ#!IOj

yoga garden said...

Sorry Gwen, isn't there always some clause about how contests aren't open to employees or their family?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you've always been a stickler for the rules. *le sigh* Anyway, I guess we figured out a way to let me be a part anyway. I feel like your kid sister sometimes. *kicks rock*