Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 21, Cooking Food You Can't Eat

The biggest lifestyle change that this project has brought is the lack of a dinner meal. Like most people, dinner was the most important meal of the day for me, both in terms of caloric intake and social interaction. But now my dinner consists of two egg whites and an apple, which would be bad enough, but the fact that they are blended means I am drinking a yellow-white concoction while everyone else is eating.

But I still love to cook for people, and I've found that cooking without any intent on eating the final product is just as rewarding as cooking and then eating your creation. When I know that I'm not going to partake of the meal I'm preparing, it somehow sharpens the palate, and makes the process more mindful, because it's no longer just something to do to get food on the table, but a kind of gift for those who will be eating it. It must be the same kind of feeling that a chef has.

I hope I can keep this mindful attitude towards cooking even when the project is over.

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