Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 29, The PCP Tries To Fight Colds

I usually get one of those 3 day colds when the seasons change from warm to cool or cool to warm. They're very mild, usually just a runny nose and sneezing. A few days ago I felt the familiar tickling in the back of my throat, and had kind of resigned myself to the annual head-cold ritual. But this time, after a few hours, the throat feeling went away.

Today I started getting a runny nose, but it too seems to be subsiding. I might be just making stuff up but I feel like the PCP is beating back the cold, and the cold is trying different routes but getting stopped at every turn.

How much of this is my imagination? Certainly, with all the healthy food and exercise I've been getting my white blood cell count must be up. Plus, have you ever had the experience of being under stress, and not getting sick at all, but once the stressor is gone, (the report completed or whatever) you suddenly get a serious cold? I've read that the body, under stress, perceives that getting sick would hamper its survival chances, so it kicks into overdrive and doesn't allow illness to invade. But once the stressful period is over, the immune system is so exhausted it kind of shuts down and you get really sick.

The PCP keeps me under light but consistent physical stress. I wonder if that helps keep the cold at bay or makes it worse.

It would be great not to get that season-change cold for once though.

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