Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 31, Layin Low

Today I didn't do much of anything physically, (unless Guitar Hero counts). But the cold is just about finished. Tomorrow I'll start with some light training and hope to be up to full speed by the weekend.

I was working around the apartment all day, and kept wanting to snack on stuff. I can't indulge in potato chips or anything like that, so I usually just drink tea to keep my mouth busy. But if I really want something to chew on, I've been eating a package of these dried fruit snacks.They are fat free with no additives. Just dried fruit. They have 3 flavors here in Japan but more in the States. If you want to learn more, here's the Sensible Foods website. PCP recommended!


Anonymous said...

P: Hope you're feeling better. I think it's hilarious you're eating food that has the word "sensible" in the title. I usually only apply that to shoes... Ganbatte!! Looking good!

yoga garden said...

Yeah, they need to work on their name huh?