Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 36, Diet Plan 2.1

So, if you read day 34 you know my stomach was having trouble with the "large" dinners of phase 2 of this project. Some stomach cramps and bad gas were with me for about a day. So Chen and I worked out this new transition diet that will get me back on regular food a little more gently. It's complicated, but the idea is that at no one time does a lot hit my stomach at once. The amounts are the same as Diet Plan 2 but just spaced out throughout the day.

This is pretty close to what bodybuilders do, more like 5 or 6 small meals over the course of the day.

50 grams carbs
150 ml milk
1 banana
1 whole egg (yolk included)

Morning Tea
50 grams vegetable or fruit
1 egg white
(This is in the middle of the morning and can be vegetable or fruit juice)

100 grams carbs
100 grams protein
150 grams vegetable
fruit if still hungry

Afternoon Tea
1 Serving of fruit and 1 egg white

no carbs
70 grams protein
150 grams vegetable

1 hour before sleep
100 grams fruit
1 egg white

This plan is tough for me because I don't often get that morning break and it's just more to keep track of, but it's only for a week until my stomach gets back on track.

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