Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 33, Diet Plan 2

Alright! Today I met with my trainer and dietician Chen. Here he is arm-barring me into submission.He had told me a few days ago that he had the next phase in my diet plan ready. I had been mentally preparing myself for even more strict guidelines, but to my surprise he said I have lost enough weight and it's time to get stronger, not leaner. That means more food, especially protein. The carbs are still low as hell, the equivalent of three slices of bread a day, but that doesn't bother me anymore.

So, here's the diet, phase two, for getting more muscle and continuing to cut the fat percentage.

50 grams carbs
2 whole eggs (not just egg whites!)
200 grams of fruit

100 grams carbs
100 grams protein
200 grams vegetables

2 egg whites
100 grams protein
200 grams vegetables

Dinner is the big change. Tonight I drank my 33rd and last egg white smoothie. From now on it's some actual solid food for dinner! I feel like part of the human race again.

I'm also totally over my cold so starting tomorrow I'll be back on my full training schedule. Look for big changes in the right hand picture over the next two weeks!

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Amy said...

That looks more like what I had in mind all along...yummy yummy protein!