Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 35, Waistline

As I've stated all along, this project isn't about taking an overweight, out-of-shape chump and making him into a superman. Before the PCP I was in pretty good shape, strong, supple, and slim. I was healthier than most people I knew. But even I'm surprised by this phenomenon.

Yep, that's my waistline and a pair of my old (2 months ago) trousers. And lest you think I just grabbed a pair of my biggest pants to make a point, here's a montage from my bottom drawer...

And I wasn't even "fat" before! It just goes to show how much fat we carry internally, either in rarely used muscle fiber or in thick sheets around the torso. We also tend to think of fat as something in the belly, but when you lose fat it comes off everywhere, from the back, the butt, under the arms, etc... When you're losing fat in 360 degrees the pants get loose pretty quickly.

My belts are also out of notches. I'm just glad it's warming up so I can wear elastic banded shorts, because I don't have enough money to replace all these clothes.

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Kitty said...

Wow! Amazing Patrick! WTG!